Shipping and return policies for B. Elliott

Shipping Info
Downloads are digital atm, so the internet handles your S&H ;)
Return Policy
For free albums and projects, you can simply delete the file from your device(s) if you're not satisfied. If I ever create physical versions of my projects, you can return me the physical product and when I get that I'll give you your money back. If you pay for digital products, I don't see how an even end to it could take place - typically, most of my downloads will be "Pay What You Can." with NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENT - Essentially, my downloads are free with an OPTION to donate if you feel so inclined. (It would be greatly appreciated, but not expected.) If you receive a digital download and are absolutely sure you want your money back that you've paid for, I will reimburse you your money. I do not have a lot of money nor am I a rich artist by any means, so please be honest in your dealings. I live check to check.